Navistar's 13L Engine

To succeed in a competitive business, you need an engine that's always working for you. Navistar's engines have revolutionized how the world looks at commercial diesels. Designed specifically for International® brand heavy vehicles, these engines deliver outstanding fuel economy, excellent power, an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride, and high-strength – without added weight.

  • A compacted graphite iron cylinder block that's 40% stiffer with 75% higher tensile strength and 200% greater fatigue resistance
  • Low vibration levels that prolong the life of the engine, protecting it from ordinary wear and tear
  • Fuel system combined with twin sequential turbo chargers delivers peak torque at a lower RPM for earlier upshifts when you're accelerating, and fewer downshifts when you're climbing hills
  • Internal testing shows a 2.4% fuel efficiency advantage over the leading 13L engine
  • Up to 90 kg lighter than traditional gray iron engines, offering greater payload capacity
  • Peak torque that's achieved at 1000 RPM – just over idle – and sustained at higher RPMs for a more responsive off-the-line driving experience